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Buon compleanno: – Desideri, messaggi, citazioni, immagini e proverbi

Benvenuti nel Portale di Buon Compleanno! In questo sito troverai tutto ciĆ² di cui hai bisogno per augurare ai tuoi amici, parenti e colleghi migliori citazioni di compleanno, messaggi, immagini, biglietti d’auguri, idee regalo e molto altro! In questa pagina ho
custumer behaviour

Sustainability in everyday life: 10 tips for sustainable consumer behavior

Minimalism has become a trend. This has advantages and disadvantages 10 tips for sustainable consumer behavior. Regardless of the short life of trends, you have to be able to afford minimalism (as it is lived today). Sustainability as a lifestyle sometimes
ways to deal with negative people

4 ways to deal with negative people

The right way to deal with negative people needs to be learned if you do not want to become more and more negative yourself. Compassion and empathy are important tools. You may know that: Some people are extremely negative. They make
Do you want to know if someone is really happy

Do you want to know if someone is really happy, or just doing so?

Do you know the difference between a real and a fake laugh? Can you recognize her? Here are some tips on how to distinguish between them and why it makes sense to laugh better than pretend a smile. Those who can
When the beloved person

Ending with Ghosting: When the beloved person becomes the spirit

Ending a relationship without a clarifying conversation can be traumatic. The so-called ghosting, just do not report, is for many the path of least resistance. The consequences are profound for both partners. Stop it – that’s a difficult thing that can
greatest love myths

The greatest love myths: 6 love mistakes that can stand in the way of true love

There are many fantasies about love. Many of them are unaware and can torpedo our love happiness out of the ambush. Love stories have always made our hearts beat faster. Even though we realize that love rarely follows the dramaturgy of