Wear it while exercising: the ultimate sportswear guide

You run, jump and turn like a ball, but you do not feel well in your sportswear? The perfect outfit is also part of the perfect workout. Find out what your sports wardrobe is missing.

Nowadays you can hardly see anyone training in their old, worn-out T-shirt. Fashion has gained a high status in sports. Bad tongues say that the sport is no longer a priority and that the gym becomes a catwalk. Is it reprehensible to feel nice while exercising? No, because it motivates tremendously.

ultimate sportswear guide

Meanwhile, you can find a sports line in almost every fashion label. Sporty looks are no longer desired only during training, no, even in everyday life, the look has prevailed. A black sports Leggings probably has almost every fashionable young woman in the closet. But in addition to the design, comfort is also a deciding factor.

Clothes that can breathe? So functional clothing is useful
Those who train efficiently also sweat – this is unavoidable and should definitely be desired. If the clothing is not breathable, heat builds up between the skin and the clothing. Optimal clothing absorbs perspiration and releases it to the outside. Although cotton absorbs moisture, it then stores it and cools the body with moisture.

Cotton and viscose are suitable for light, relaxed sports. Anything that requires more physical effort should be made in breathable polyester, polyamide, acrylic or polypropylene clothing.

Tip: Did you know that there are also breathable functional underwear? Yes, even cotton panties store moisture and are uncomfortable on the skin. Exchange them and you will feel a pleasant change.
Tips for sports bra, running socks and the right sports pants

1. Find the right sports bra Wear it while exercising

From my own experience I can say – the moment when you find the perfect sports bra feels revolutionary Wear it while exercising. When searching, make sure that the bra is not too wide, but not too tight. It should be so tight that you can do the jump test without the feeling of having to hold on to your bust size.


The bra is supposed to give a supportive, compact feel. With a smaller bust, the support of the bra must be less high, but the need for the correct bra is not to be underestimated. For example, if the straps are too long, you tend to want to straighten your bra over and over again and get distracted.

The sports bra may not be too tight either. As you run, you breathe deeper and the ribcage widens. If the sports bra pushes the chest too hard, the body will not be able to adequately fill with air.

My personal recommendation for big bust: The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run.

2. Blow on the feet after running? It does not have to be on your shoes

For months, my mother tried to convince me to buy me running socks. I took running socks for superfluous bells and whistles and did not want to spend any money on them. After I forced her on, my running experience was completely changed. Running socks cushion on friction surfaces and prevent annoying bubbles.

Shoes that have never felt right before now sit differently. Running socks are of course not only suitable for running, but also for sports with high levels of activity such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

3. The right pants size for sports for more flexibility

Similar to the sports bra, it is important to find the right dress size for pants. Pants with high stretch, which are too tight, stretch when bending forward and are therefore no longer opaque. In addition, too narrow pants slip as well as wide and have to be adjusted again and again. The pants should allow so much room to move that exercises such as squats and lunges do not cause any cracks in the clothing – and that’s faster than you think.

Athleisure: Functionality, comfort and design – that can be combined today

The investment is not only worthwhile for the training, sports pants or rather yoga pants and jogging pants have long been accepted in everyday life. “Athleisure” refers to the trend that combines functional clothing and everyday clothing or even work clothing. Athleisure is composed of the terms athlete and leisure. Times when fashion-minded people have kept their distance from sportswear are over. Meanwhile, high heels are replaced by sneakers and skinny jeans leggings.

Trend Guide: Yoga pants in black, gray and white are simple and yet attract attention. Very well they fit a long overzised blouse. Sports pants with color blocking (large swatches) should be combined with monochrome tops. A trench coat enhances the look.

From the gym to the street

From sports to the office – and in the same clothes. The variety of fashionable functional clothing makes it possible. In addition to trendy yoga pants you can also score with special sports tops.

Basically tight-fitting tops are, if you feel comfortable in it. With wide tops is to be considered that they are in some poses no longer rest against the body and allow for a clear view. Who does not have a problem, can use the opportunity to put on a beautiful sports bustier. Currently very trendy are high-waisted short tops or loose falling tops with wide neckline at the shoulders.

Trend Guide: The short, high-necked sports top can be combined very well with a high-waisted suit trousers. The loose-fitting top with a low neckline under the armpit goes well with skinny jeans. A sports bustier with pattern or soft-bra makes the look particularly interesting.

A few short words for choosing the right sports shoes

Sport shoes are available in all shapes, colors and variations. Many runners still swear by shoes that have a strong supporting effect, others have switched to barefoot shoes. Depending on the support, it is important to build the muscles and to adjust the training. Sneakers that are suitable for both sports and everyday life are often in the middle range in terms of stability.

Trend Guide: In the meantime, there is hardly any outfit that sneakers can not be combined with. If you are looking for a feminine look, you can combine sneakers with the airy dress, but you can also wear sports shoes with a blouse and jeans.

Sportswear in winter: the onion look

The colder it gets, the more layers you should wear. In winter, it is best to keep warm with several layers, as the air created between the layers insulates and warms. With this method you do not need to put the sleeveless tops out of the closet in winter, but you can combine them with a long-sleeved T-shirt and a wind-repellent jacket.

Tip: In winter, visible reflectors on clothing are particularly important. Of course also applies to dark nights around the year.

Sweat until the doctor comes or the “breathe clothes”
Many athletes wear hooded sweatshirts to shorten the warm-up period and feel warmed up faster. In addition, they like the feeling of perspiring heavily in sports. Whether it’s the warm sweater or rather the super-tight jersey à la Arjen Robben, everyone can decide for themselves.

Sick by wet clothes?

Sometimes you have to decide against the athleisure trend, because those who keep wet clothes often do their skin no favors. Particularly sensitive skin can react by rash on the damp skin with rash and impurities.


As before, the harmful effects of wet clothing are not proven. Anyone who has been afraid of wet clothing and would rather change it directly has reason to question this assumption again.

Fashion and sustainability – that does not exclude
In the field of fitness clothing, too, it has become possible to find fashionable garments that have been produced ecologically and fairly. My tip: sportswear by Mandala, available via avocadostore.de

There are so many possibilities now. Whether you want to wear your sportswear in your free time or not: Only with the right clothes you feel really good at jumping exercises or the looking down dog and you can move freely. You will be 100% on the training and get involved in self-assurance also read Detox for your kitchen

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