Natural cosmetics are worth it: what triggers mineral oil in our skin

Highly-processed conventional cosmetics no longer have much in common with Natural cosmetics are worth it. Our skin can not do much with the foreign substances, so many creams do not soak, but lie like a layer on.

Caution is advised in cosmetic products based on mineral oil. Often, such cosmetics are provided with ingredients containing cancerous substances. Especially recommended is the just booming natural cosmetics division.

Natural cosmetics are worth

Not just in petrolatum or oil, they are contained almost everywhere. Mineral oils are popular ingredients in conventional cosmetics. Advantages for the manufacturers are the long durability and the favorable production. Furthermore, these substances are often tolerated by allergy sufferers and supposedly protect the consumer.

Avoid cosmetics with mineral oils

Mineral oils are anything but healthy. The Stiftung Warentest examined 25 different cosmetics, which contained mineral oil as the most important ingredient. Hand cream, body lotion and also lip care were tested. The result was, as expected, disappointing.

All tested cosmetics were contaminated with aromatic

hydrocarbons. This means that these substances are suspected of altering the genetic material. This, in turn, means that it can potentially cause cancer.

Even products such as the inconspicuous Vaseline are not recommended, since this consists only of the dangerous mineral oil and contains the hydrocarbon already mentioned. Vaseline should also not be used as lip care, since the critical substances can be absorbed directly into the body.

Lip oil based on mineral oil is not recommended

Likewise, the Stiftung Warentest advises against the use of lip oil on Mineraölbasis. The reason is the following: The greasy care is licked and gets so directly into the body.

The Consumer Safety Committee of the EU Commission estimates that every consumer almost completely absorbs the applied lip care. That’s why your care products should be free of mineral oils.

Poisons from cosmetics also detected in breast milk

Individual studies by Swiss citizen Barbara Plattner in 2007 showed that even mineral oils could be detected in the breast milk of lactating women. They rubbed their breasts with Vaseline or with various ointments to protect the chest from dehydration and soreness.

In her doctoral thesis at the Medical University of Innsbruck, she noted that mineral paraffins are one of the largest contaminants in the human body in terms of quantity. Particularly dangerous here is the cell-altering property of these substances.

In particular, she suspected that the absorption of toxins was increased by injured skin. This makes it particularly questionable that some manufacturers offer their Vaseline or ointment for injuries and rough and dry skin. It is precisely these injuries that are likely to cause mineral oils to enter the body directly.

Natural cosmetics are an alternative

The natural and far less harmful alternative to conventional cosmetics are beauty products with natural cosmetics seals. Depending on which seal can be found on the product, the manufacturers commit to strict requirements regarding the ingredients, but also in the production.

In general, natural cosmetics largely do without chemical additives and try to keep their products as natural as possible. The power of plants should keep the skin healthy and healthy at the same time.

However, one has to admit that there are some products in natural cosmetics just can not give as they are in the conventional industry. These include, for example, waterproof mascara.also read love mistakes that can stand in the way of true love

Nevertheless, the products are getting better and many of you will not notice any difference to the conventional products.

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