Hair loss in women: less and less hair? So you get beautiful full hair again!

Long, healthy hair stands for beauty and vitality. Hair loss is therefore a big burden, especially for women. We explain you causes and natural tips.

hair loss in women

Bad Hair Days are for some rare days when hair is not quite as it should be. For others, they can become a daily challenge if they are affected by hair loss. The reasons for light hair are varied, but fortunately there are many natural ways to get back to fuller hair.

Hair loss can be incredibly stressful for those affected, but to understand its reasons, you should first know how our hair growth at all works.

Just like fingernails, hair is made of dead cells, also called horns. The hair root produces these cells, which are slowly pushed to the surface and become so-called spindles. These twist with each other and grow into long fibers, which then become our hair.

On average, a hair grows about 1 centimeter a month. Of course, it also depends on our health, our diet and our metabolism. And just as individual is the amount of hair that everyone wears on their heads. Blondes, for example, have on average with 150,000 head hair, although the finest, but also the most hair on the head. Redheads, on the other hand, have only 90,000 hair.

Daily hair loss is quite natural if it stays in moderation

Even if the horn fibers, our actual hair, are dead without nerves or circulation, the processes in the hair root are very much alive. Each hair has its own growth cycle, which can vary between two and six years. After this time, the cell stops growing and a transitional phase occurs. As soon as a new hair forms on the spot, the old hair is repelled and falls out.

That’s why 60 to 100 hairs fall out every day. The next time you get a lot of hair stuck in your brush, you do not need to worry – that’s normal!

Hair loss in women is usually hereditary

If you believe that you lose more than 100 hairs per day, you should pay close attention and even count the hair in your brush or on your pillow. If you really lose more than 100 hairs a day, it is advisable to see a dermatologist. With certain tests and a detailed conversation, causes and possible therapies can be found out.

reasons for hair loss in women

One of the most common causes of hair loss for both women and men is plant-related hair loss. This hereditary hair loss is almost always in the same pattern and begins in men with the known receding hairline and can spread to the bald head on the head. When this hair loss starts and how much it will fail is quite different. Some men are already in their mid-20s with light hair, other 70-year-olds have little problems.

In some cases, there may be receding hairline in females, but not so much. Otherwise, the hereditary hair loss is more noticeable on the crown and makes the hair thinner. 50 percent of all women over the age of 50 have to deal with it at least to a small extent. Hereditary hair loss can often announce itself as a teenager.

The hormones, the thyroid or stress can be causes of hair loss
Of course, there are many other causes of hair loss. In women, especially the hormones can influence the hair growth. For example, during pregnancy, the level of estrogen increases and stimulates hair growth. After delivery, the estrogen decreases again and the excess hair is rejected.

Even during menopause women have to struggle with the conversion of hormone balance. The number of male hormones is increasing and so is the chance of increased hair loss. The discontinuation of the anti-baby pill also means that less estrogen is present in the body and so decreases the hair growth.


Other reasons for hair loss in women can be:

  • Lack of vitamins due to a poor diet
  • Stress, for example through the double burden of family and job
  • In the case of hyperacidity, the body falls back onto the bases in the scalp. This can lead to hair loss.
  • Exposure to heavy metals or chemicals present in exhaust gases, cosmetics or solvents
  • Hyperthyroidism or hypofunction may also affect hair growth
    In addition to the hereditary and hormonal hair loss, there are, among other things, the circular hair loss, the diffuse hair loss or scarring hair loss, but occur much less frequently.

With Vitamin B, women can fight hair loss

There are traditional therapies that want to stop hair loss with expensive shampoos and long-term therapies, but even small things that anyone can incorporate into their everyday lives can help with hair loss.

On the one hand, nutrition, as with almost everything, is a very important component. As already mentioned above, a lack of vitamins, hyperacidity or a disturbed intestinal flora can influence the hair image. Fortunately, these are all factors that are controlled through the diet. Highly recommended is a vitamin-rich, basic and wholesome diet.

Biotin in particular, a vitamin B, is known as a messenger for beautiful hair. It is found mainly in organic eggs, oatmeal or avocados, but can also be taken as a dietary supplement.

Hair care without silicones, chemical fragrances or softeners
Of course, we can help our hair not only from the inside, but also from the outside. There are hundreds of products that promise fuller hair, but unfortunately also contain a lot of chemistry.
When buying a new hair product, you should avoid these ingredients especially. They are harmful to the environment as well as to your health.

  • silicones
  • Parra Fine
  • chemical colors and fragrances
  • emulsifiers
  • softener

Products with natural cosmetics seals usually guarantee that their care is free of these pollutants. A particularly popular ingredient is caffeine for better hair growth. When genetically caused hair loss, the hair roots are very sensitive to DHT, a degradation product of the hormone testosterone. The caffeine is supposed to curb this effect.

Instead of a caffeine shampoo you can also try to wash your hair with conventional coffee. Here is usually even more caffeine contained, as in the chemically processed products. Also coconut oil, which is massaged into the scalp, should be able to help.

Important: do not blow-dry the hair too hot and do not wash too hot. This strains the scalp and when blow-drying, the hair can stick together, so that the roots do not get enough air.

A thorough cleansing of the organism can stimulate hair growth again
A healthy diet and proper care are important steps towards healthy hair. But sometimes you have to press the reset button first, so that the body works properly again.

In case of hair loss, detoxification or intestinal dissection can work wonders. So everything in the body is set to zero and all processes can work properly again – not just on the scalp. By cleansing poisons and restoring a healthy gut flora, many problems are solved in a very natural way.

Despite all natural tips, you should definitely look for the cause with increased hair loss with your doctor. In addition to the rather harmless hereditary and hormonal reasons, even serious illnesses can be behind your hair loss.also read 6 love mistakes that can stand in the way of true love

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