Detox for your kitchen: 8 steps to make your kitchen more aware

Provide with 8 small tips for fresh energy and inspiration in your kitchen and thus also for your conscious lifestyle.

You can help your healthy lifestyle and inspire you by adjusting your kitchen. The environment plays a big role and influences your habits, so it makes sense to make your kitchen personal, attractive and simple. All you need to do is apply the simple concept of “Magic Cleaning” or “Space Clearing”. Clearing out and organizing will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Detox for your kitchen

1. Detox for your fridge

Entrümple your fridge and consume everything that does not fall under the category “healthy”. For example, products that have more than 10 ingredients, finished products with plenty of salt and sugar, etc. Spread everything on your kitchen table, you may also notice what you are buying too much. At the next purchase, you can then use the newly won place to fill the products with healthy alternatives. For example, with these delicious cocoa-coconut balls. And how about the purchase of a compost bucket?

2. Store stock better

You can also keep things organized in your pantry and drawers. The goal is to bring your favorite healthy products to the fore. Turn them into practical and pretty glasses, put them at hand, so that you can see them and not forget them, or spend time actually using them. Small simple steps make the difference.

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3. Loving messages

According to the Buddhist teachings, a little gratitude prayer is said before the meal to direct positive and loving energy into the food and nourishment. You can bring this beautiful ritual into your kitchen and even raise awareness with art. Beautiful gratitude sayings and positive affirmations on the fridge and on your walls bring inspiration and good vibes.

4. Invest in a spice rack

Good food lives on spices. If you have a spice rack with lots of different spices, cooking is more fun and cooking yourself is a big and important part of a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

5. Experiment with storage jars

Use “Mason Jars” storage jars to stash your legumes, pasta, rice, nuts and seeds. This keeps you fresh for longer, while your drawers and shelves stay clean, harmonious and clear.

6. Show your cookbooks

Place your favorite cookbooks clearly visible on a shelf. For inspiration and the idea to try something new. You may also get a nice new cookbook that will suit your lifestyle and help you along the way as you redesign the kitchen.

7. Bring more green to your kitchen

Even if you do not have a green thumb, with a few simple steps and tricks you can conjure up something alive and green in your kitchen. The tail of spring onions, leeks and celery are perfect for an experiment. You just need some water, glasses and patience. Kitchen herbs such as basil, parsley and mint are also easy to use and maintain. Even salad you can grow in a good light place in your kitchen. They provide liveliness, fresh energy and inspiration for your next healthy meal.

8. Preparation is everything!

Put your favorite smoothie ingredients in glasses that you place well visible and handy next to your blender or on your kitchen plate. So you end up in your smoothie much more often and you’re inspired to prepare a smoothie more often. Also Read Hair loss in women

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