Coffee is not a waste product: 6 tips to save coffee grounds from household waste

Reducing or even avoiding waste has become a concern of many people. Not only packaging waste but also household waste can and should be kept as low as possible. A first step: making coffee grounds a resource.

Every day more than two billion cups of coffee are drunk worldwide. The resulting garbage usually ends up in household garbage quickly. Coffee grounds have amazing properties and can be used in many ways.

Disclaimer: Who can not stand the smell of coffee will probably not be happy with some of our tips. The odor can be changed with essential oils, but you will never get rid of the smell of coffee.

Many aspects of coffee drinking are now very negatively associated. The harvest of the coffee bean is often done under very bad conditions, the transport route pollutes the environment and the consumption of to-go cups produces a huge amount of plastic waste (at this point: Please stop using to-go cups as an accessory and creates finally a reusable cup!).

tips to save coffee grounds from household waste

All this does not sound sustainable. But there are ways for coffee lovers to make drinking more sustainable.

1. A body scrub with coffee grounds

Body scrubs remove dead skin particles and are said to counteract cellulite. Many conventional exfoliating products available in drugstores, for example, contain plastic particles that are difficult to break down. For a nourishing and sustainable alternative you need shea butter, coffee grounds, if necessary a little vanilla or essential oil, a container and a saucepan or similar.

The production:

  • Spread the resulting coffee grounds on a large plate or baking tray and let it dry.
  • Put 3 tablespoons of shea butter in a pot and heat.
  • Once the shea butter is liquid, the pot can be removed from the griddle. Alternatively, you can melt the shea butter in the oven, in the microwave or in warm temperatures in the sun.
  • Then add 3 tablespoons of dried coffee grounds and mix.
  • If you want, you can add another scent to the mixture with vanilla or essential oils.
  • Put the finished peeling in a container and keep it closed.
    Tip: DIYs such as body scrubs can be excellently given away. Simply choose a nice container and decorate it with labels.

2. Coffee grounds as plant fertilizer

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. Exactly these important nutrients are also found in conventional plant fertilizers. Also beneficial are earthworms, which are attracted to the coffee grounds, and loosen the potting soil.

Before the coffee grounds are incorporated around the plants, they should cool down and be as dry as possible. The easiest and fastest way to dry coffee grounds is to spread it on a flat plate and let it air-dry. The dry coffee grounds form less quickly mold and can be used without hesitation as plant fertilizer.

If you accumulate enough coffee grounds, you can also mix them with potting soil and add the plants to the mixture.

Tip: For seedlings do without the coffee fertilizer. The caffeine contained in the coffee grounds is not tolerated by the seedlings and ensures a quick seedling death.

3. Composting with coffee grounds

As in potting soil, coffee grounds in compost attract earthworms, which provide a loosening effect and faster composting. The coffee grounds can be disposed of along with the paper filter on the compost, capsules or other plastic waste are of course not on the compost.

4. Coffee grounds is probably the most natural odor neutralizer

The fermentation odors of the compost are reduced by the coffee grounds. But not only here, the coffee grounds provide pleasant fragrance. The coffee not only over-blends the smells in refrigerators, cars or garbage cans, the powder binds the odor molecules and eliminates the unpleasant odors.

A small bowl of coffee grounds in the fridge can neutralize the smelly odor. Even stale smoke smell in cars can be counteracted by setting up a small amount of coffee grounds.

If you cut garlic or onions, you should thoroughly clean your hands with a mixture of coffee grounds and water. The smell is expelled and the hands get a reviving scrub. The lower the proportion of water, the more intense the exfoliation. Afterwards, it is advisable to treat the hands with a rich cream to prevent dryness.

5. Coffee grounds as grill and oven cleaner

The chemical-free alternative of scouring cream is in no way inferior. If you want to remove grills, baking trays and other strong encrustations, you can do so simply with a combination of coffee grounds and water.

Due to the size best use the bathtub as a sink. Soak the objects to be cleaned in the combination of coffee grounds and water for several hours and then remove the dirt particles.

6. Coffee as a colorant

As a colorant, coffee can be used in many ways. As a chemical and garbage-free alternative to traditional Easter egg dye, the eggs have a natural look.

Anyone who dyes paper with coffee grounds by gently rubbing the slightly dried coffee grounds over the paper gives the paper an antique look.

Colored wall paint can be darkened by the addition of roasted coffee grounds up to two nuances.

Also as hair conditioner coffee grounds to refresh the hair color and give the hair a beautiful shine. For this, mix the coffee grounds with the usual conditioner or with coconut oil, massage into the hair and scalp and then rinse thoroughly. also read our more articles

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